Chinese Tuition – Should I Hire A Chinese Tutor?

Does your child score poorly for his Primary School Chinese language? If that is the case, then you should probably think of getting a Primary school Chinese tuition for him!

Chinese Tuition Singapore
Chinese Tuition Singapore

Why Sign Up For Chinese Tuition?

Engaging a Chinese tutor is the most effective and best way to see fast and significant improvement in your child’s Chinese grade. This is because private Chinese tutors can make complicated Chinese exam techniques simpler for your child to understand — for example, there exam techniques involved in specific components of the Chinese school exam and PSLE Chinese exam. There is a structure that your child can follow when writing Chinese composition, which helps to make sure your child did not miss out on any critical details when writing a Chinese essay in the exam. For Chinese comprehension, there are techniques involved in getting the correct answer from the comprehension passage. This makes sure that your child can attain the highest mark and thus, increasing his Chinese exam score.

chinese tuition singapore
Chinese Tuition Singapore

Also, Primary School Chinese is a broad subject, and it is very challenging to know what to study for school or PSLE exams. Hence, with an experienced and dedicated Chinese tutor, it is much easier to learn Chinese. For instance, a Chinese tutor may know some model Chinese sentences and phrases that can be commonly used in Chinese composition and comprehension. Your child can learn, memorise, and apply them, which brings your child’s Chinese standard up in the shortest possible time.

Additionally, a Chinese tutor would be able to tailor teaching methods that would best suit your child. For example, if your child learns best through writing, the Chinese tutor will most probably let your child practice writing Chinese composition. The pace of learning Chinese can also be optimised to make sure your child benefits most out of Chinese tuition. Also, a Chinese tutor can help to check your child’s work and give him immediate feedback. This cannot be done simply by checking the examination answer sheet as answers are mostly qualitative. Most parents are not proficient in their Chinese, and thus, it is best to engage a Chinese tutor.

Frequency of Chinese Tuition

How many times a week should you have Chinese tuition? I would say it depends. If your child is relatively weak in Chinese and examination/PSLE is coming soon, I recommend you arrange Chinese tuition two to three times a week. The additional Chinese tuition classes can focus on Chinese fundamentals, such as vocabulary and sentence structure. These skills are needed for Chinese comprehension and composition. Other than engaging Chinese tuition for your child, he should get exposed to Chinese regularly outside his Chinese tuition classes.

chinese tuition singapore 3
Chinese Tuition Singapore

For other cases, having Chinese tuition once or twice per week is enough. During the classes, you may request the Chinese tutor to focus more on exam skills and practices, rather than focusing on the Chinese fundamentals. Most importantly, it is highly recommended not to stressed out your child if he has other tuition arranged for him already.

How to Improve Chinese Quickly?

For language subjects, practice is the best and most effective way to see tremendous results. To begin with, you, as a parent, can encourage your child to speak Chinese at home. With more practice, your child will be more confident in speaking Chinese, and at the same time, make your child feel that Chinese is, after all, not a very difficult subject. If no one in the family can speak Chinese, you may try to encourage your child to spend more time with his friends and try conversing Chinese among themselves.

chinese tuition singapore 2
Chinese Tuition Singapore

Alternatively, you can encourage your child to watch more Chinese television shows or movies, which can get them interested in engaging with Chinese. For Singapore Chinese television shows, there are English subtitles that can help your child understand Chinese better if needed. However, if you were afraid that your child might have spent too much time on entertainment, you can book some Chinese books for him. But it is vital to get books are meet his Chinese language standard. Having books that are too difficult to read may get your child disinterested in Chinese and make the situation worse for him.

Finally, practice is perhaps the best advice anyone can give to someone who wants to improve Chinese. There are many ways to practice Chinese. You can download free Chinese test papers and let your child attempt them.

Why Should We Learn Chinese?

Chinese is perhaps an essential language in the world. Increasing Chinese influence in the world means that Chinese is going to the prerequisite for most jobs in the future. Hence, having an outstanding Chinese foundation can make your child more employable in the future.

chinese tuition singapore 4
Chinese Tuition Singapore

Furthermore, you are benefits of taking higher Chinese in o level examination when your child transit to Secondary school. If you plan to apply for JC in the future, a pass in o level higher Chinese will award you two bonus points. This will lower your child L1R5 and open more JC options.


In conclusion, it is imperative to learn Chinese and have a strong Chinese foundation. Chinese will be used widely in the future economy due to the growing dominance of China. The secret is to improve Chinese is to practice more, by speaking, reading, or writing. If you require immediate help, engage a suitable Chinese tutor for your child.

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